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Fresh Approach

Our goal is to revolutionize the mobile payments industry. We think banks are too expensive, too hard and are old school.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly innovating new designs and ideas to make Neotill the best payments platform available.

Friendly Humans

We guarantee you’ll be left smiling after using our app or dealing with our team. Friendly & Funny is our middle name.

Customer Support

Our support team are our developers. If you need questions answered or problems solved, we’re in Brisbane so give us a call.

Who are we and what are we doing?

Neotill was born when one of our founding partners was sick and tired of dealing with the likes of PayPal, MYOB and the big banks. We realised that we could make a difference by simplifying and modernising the payments industry in Australia. A small group of enthusiastic developers met regularly and worked together to bring you the fastest, easiest, most convenient and super affordable payment solution for mobile and desktop devices. Go on and sign up now, you won’t regret it.

  • Sense of Humor 80%
  • Social Skills 60%
  • Programming Level 100%
  • PC Gamers 90%
Alex Harper

Alex Harper

Co-Founder & Go-To Customer Relations Guy

Alex is one of three co-founders that started Neotill in 2013. He is resposible for designing, innovating and creating our website and in app interface. Alex enjoys playing golf, jetskiing, catching up with mates & of course, programming.

Jarred Filmer

Jarred Filmer

Co-Founder and Front End Coding Monkey

Jarred joined Neotill in the early days to become one of our co-founders and has played a strong role in the direction and software technologies used in Neotill. He enjoys reading, travelling, tomfoolery, and shenanigans.

Jonny Klee

Jonny Klee

Co-Founder & Backend Server Wizard

Jonny became part of the team after moving from Mt Glorious in Queensland. Joining as a Co-founder in 2013, he ensures the “back-end” is programmed to tick away peacefully 24 hours a day. Jonny enjoys gaming, dabbling in electrical and computer engineering, visiting Germany and maintaining a balanced diet of Pizza and Sushi.

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