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We’ve programmed all our features with you in mind. We wanted to make the easiest and simplest payments app there is, and I think we might have done it.

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Visa, Mastercard & AMEX

We have one fixed rate no matter what Visa or Mastercard you transact, same goes for AMEX cards. If you are a high volume user we’ll even do you a special deal.

2 Day Settlement

We’ll send your money to any Australian bank of your choice within 2 days of taking the payment. Talk about fast and convenient!

Quick Signup

Download the app or signup online with an email address & password. You’ll be able to process your first card payment instantly. If you hit any speed bumps, we’ll help.

No Contracts

That’s right, no monthly fees, no lock ins and no commitments, if you don’t use you don’t pay. Just great customer service, ease of use & an awesome experience.

Scan Cards

Use your devices built in camera to scan the card details and enter them for you.

Payment History

Keep an eye on what you have been paid and view your list of transactions at anytime.

Any Bank

Your money can be paid into any Australian account, no matter who you bank with.

Multiple Users

You can have as many employees linked to your account using their own devices, saving you $100s

Auto Surcharge

Optionally elect to add the processing fee to your customers bill. We’ll do the math for you.


Come on, let’s get modern. If you provide an email we’ll send the receipt to your customer.

Transaction Export

Export your list of processed payments to a CSV file, automatically emailed for your convenience.

Bank Reconciliation

Easily reconcile your transactions with your bank account using an accounting software.

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