Simple & flexible pricing.

We designed our prices with simplicity and transparency in mind. We know every dollar counts, which is why we have one price per transaction and no monthly fees.

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No Monthly Fees

No monthly fees and no contracts means you don’t pay when you don’t use. We have absolutely no extra costs, how awesome is that!

One price, all cards

Most banks charge different rates for different card types. We have one price for all Visa & Mastercards, and one slightly higher price for AMEX.

Low Charge Back Fees

If a charge back is raised against you and is lost, a $25 processing fee is charged. With good customer service you shouldn’t ever experience one of these.

That simple pricing we mentioned…

No set up charges
No surprises
One price, all cards
No refund fees
No lock in contracts
No subscriptions
Secure and Encrypted
Free customer support
Low charge back cost

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I would just like to let you know that the new version of Neotill is great, the easy refund and calculator built in is a good idea, also the fact you can use with any bank with no ongoing fees like others. Its perfect for my landscape service business. I am recommending this payment app to my mates.

Steve Dooley

As a small business owner, I love that I can now offer my customers the option of credit card. It has been so easy to use and I only need my phone.

Erin Dauth

I would just like to give you the thumbs up for your service. I was pretty much a customer since the day Neotill started and never experienced one glitch. That is quite spectacular for a new business of such complexity. I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Margit Radcliffe

Pricing FAQ’s

Do you have any monthly fees?

No we don’t. There are no monthly fees as you pay only a small percentage on each transaction that is processed.

Are you flexible on your pricing?

Yes we are! At Neotill we are all about working with people to reach a great outcome. If you are a high volume user or would like special case consideration, feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

You say "One Price" yet you have two prices listed?

That’s right. Most banks / financial institutions will charge you different percentages depending on the variation of the card, not just it’s brand. For example, you might pay 2.9% when a customer pays you with a Visa Platinum Rewards card, opposed to say 1.5% if they paid with a standard Visa Debit card. We average out the use of these different cards to offer you a simple rate. As we all know, American Express (AMEX) have much higher processing fees than others, as a result, there is a higher fee which is standard across all variations of AMEX cards.

Do you have Pro features I have to pay for?

No we don’t. Everything and anything we mention as a feature is included for free as part of the streamlined Neotill service. If you share your account with a colleague or friend, they will have limited access to your settings. Other than that it’s all yours. We are constantly innovating new features and awesome updates which will come through with your free updates.

Why is there a 35c charge?

The 35c fee is to cover our costs imposed by the banking system in Australia to process card transactions. Consider this as a “minimum transaction fee”. For example, if you transacted $50 at our standard rate of 2.4% + 35c, the total cost would be $1.20 + $0.35 = $1.55. We would transfer exactly $48.45 to your nominated bank account.

What happens to the fees if I refund the customer?

That’s easy! Unlike some payment processing services, we’ll automatically refund any fees you may have paid on the transaction straight back to your account.

What is a charge back?

Good question! Charge backs occur when a customer you provided goods or services too make a request with their bank to reverse the transaction. This is a fact of life no matter who you chose as your payments provider. Fortunately, this does not happen very often and can be avoided as long as you maintain good communication and offer a great product/service. We can submit any evidence you might have to the customers bank in the event this happens to prove that the transaction was authorized. If the bank rules in your favor no fees will be incurred. If you unfortunately lose the dispute, the original amount will be reversed from your account as well as a $25 dispute fee. It is then up to you to resolve the matter with the customer if you haven’t already.

Start Accepting Card Payments Today!

Signing up for Neotill is a simple as entering your email and choosing a password. Save money and start accepting card payments in your business, it's easy!

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